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Opportunities at Intel – Wanted Freshers Graduates – Apply Now

Company Name: Intel

Job Title: Digital design

Location: Bangalore

Experience: Intern

Job Id: 796761

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Job description:
Intel’s Big Core India team is chartered to design and develop the core for next generation microprocessors . During his/her internship, candidate will do hands-on design work on next generation microprocessor project. Candidate’s responsibilities may include design and verification of advanced microprocessor circuits, timing analysis, functional equivalence verification, power optimization. Design tasks may include working on cutting edge innovative circuits techniques, circuit simulation and timing optimization. Candidate will also learn advanced low power design techniques used in VLSI designs. Candidates will have opportunity to work with industry standard as well as Intel specific design/optimization and verification tools

Qualifications: Final year Btech/BE student

About Us:
Back in 1968, two scientists, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, founded Intel with a vision for semiconductor memory products. By 1971, they had introduced the world’s first microprocessor. Since then, Intel has established a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide.

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R-SAT Exam (Recruitment Test)- To Get Short Listed ( 2014-2015 & 16 Freshers)


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