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Tata Steel Job Opportunities For Graduates – Apply Now

Company Name : Tata Steel

Job Title : Manager – Finishing & Dispatch, TSK

Location : jaipur

Experience : 3 Years

Job Description :
The Manager is responsible for implementing of finishing and dispatch activities to ensure effective and timely finishing & dispatch of quality products. Job Responsiblity: Execute the finishing and dispatch operations at the unit in HSM . Implement strategies and frameworks for continuous process to optimise and improve efficiency of processes in HSM department. Ensure safety, health and environment (SHE) in the HSM department. Implement the quality systems. Management of human resources of the shift (among non-officers).

About Us :
Long before its human resources policy was formally written down in 2001, Tata Steel’s employment philosophy and practices were based on the recognition that its people are integral to its success. The core principles in Human Resources policy that are now applied across the Tata Steel Group worldwide are: equality of opportunity, continuing personal development, fairness, mutual trust and teamwork.

The Tata Steel Group believes that being the best possible employer helps to recruit and retain the best employees. An equal opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer, remuneration and career progression is based entirely on responsibility and performance at Tata Steel. The Company has leveraged its growth projects to diversify its workforce through positive discrimination in favour of local, marginalised communities and women.

Clear, honest, two-way communication between management and employees at all levels is intrinsic to the culture of the Tata Steel Group. Any issues relating to the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed openly and with a sense of shared purpose among senior management and employee representatives.

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