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Xilinx Hiring Product Application Engineer – Graduates Apply Now

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R-SAT Exam (Recruitment Test)- To Get Short Listed ( 2013-2014 & 15 Freshers)


Company Name : Xilinx


Location : India-India-Hyderabad

Job Description :
Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration. Our All Programmable devices underpin today’s most advanced electronics. Among the broad range of end markets we serve are:

High Performance Computing
Industrial / Scientific / Medical (ISM)

Technical Product Skills

Has some prior knowledge in using key Xilinx tools like Vivado used in design implementation.
Has understanding of major portions of FPGA design process and tool flow, and can apply it to scoped, requested tasks.

Customer Awareness

Understands about customer usage and interactions, helps with customer escalations.

Problem Solving

Identifies customers issue and defines problem on customer terms
Extensively uses Experts Community and Knowledge Base for assistance
Consults documentation for reference
Able to reproduce customer issues

Technical Acumen

Exercises understanding of the FPGA environments, and the tools used for achieving task objectives (e.g. timing closure)
Technical Communication and Training
Can communicate clearly both verbally and in writing. Can assist with preparing and presenting specific topics in presentations with guidance.
Can assist on creating various training materials upon request and with guidance.
Can assist on specific authoring tasks in limited areas with guidance.

Process Management

Meets Case Service Level Agreement
Follows Escalation Procedures
Follows XKB and CR linkage process and policies
Follows XKB workflows
Files CRs that are accepted by Development
Attends help sessions
Searches XKB
Complies with legal requirements of Xilinx Corporate policies (e.g. ITAR)

Solution Excellence

Creates articles on issues discovered
Posts suggested answers to Experts Communities
Updates ARs with new information
Contributes knowledge to Xilinx Support Forums
Files CRs against Documentation and Tools

Dealing with Ambiguity

Understands we are in a fast moving industry where customer needs change, internal goals change, and not everything can be explicitly defined. Stays fully engaged and motivated, and knows to seek guidance from management as needed.


Enter Education Requirements
Bachelor of Electronics, Master of Electronics

Enter Years of Experience
1-2 years

About Us :
Xilinx devices also dramatically increase system level performance, lower power, and reduce Bill of Material (BOM) costs; delivering value that is a generation ahead of alternatives. This value is created and delivered with the highest quality by combining the world’s best foundry, break-through architectures, advanced circuits, superior design software, and unrivaled execution.

Xilinx customers demand ever more programmable solutions to address the industry’s ‘programmable imperative’, caused by exponentially increasing silicon design costs and risks associated with both ASICs and ASSPs. They also demand a significantly faster time to differentiation and integration relative to these ASIC and ASSPs, and relative to their own competitors. This is enabled by the industry’s first ASIC and SoC-strength design suite; Vivado®.

Vivado Design Suite was built from the ground up for the next decade of design with hardware and software All Programmable devices. Vivado includes both C and IP based high level design abstractions as well as the most advanced implementation algorithms for up to a 15X productivity boost.

Apply Here :

Apply To Attend
R-SAT Exam (Recruitment Test)- To Get Short Listed ( 2013-2014 & 15 Freshers)


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